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Humpty Dumpty

ECLIPSE Image Number 02950000

Visual Interpretations

Introductory Context - Common characteristics of Humpty Dumpty

An Oblivious Blob. Is he stupid, inebriated, or just half asleep up there?

Is That a White Flag of Surrender? Are those soldiers coming to capture Humpty?

Who Pushed Humpty? Why would the king’s men want to destroy this harmless creature?

Was Humpty Dumpty Really an Innocent Schoolboy? Did his fall have anything to do with the soldier arriving with sword drawn?

Humpty Dumpty As Hitler? Is this an intentional visual reference?

Is Humpty Dumpty a Sultan? Will the fates dare to let this Humpty fall from his almost invisible wall?

Where Did That Rat Come From? Now we know why Humpty fell off that wall!

Is Humpty Dumpty Human? Why is this young child sitting on a high wall?

Textual/Historical Information

Who Was Humpty Dumpty? Various explanations of his origins.

Versions and Variants

Textual Versions and Variants - A complete listing of the versions and variants of this rhyme

Visual Versions and Variants - A comparative listing of all associated within Eclipse

Lewis Carroll Chapter with Humpty Dumpty

Rhyme Specific Bibliography

Whatever Happened to Humpty Dumpty? by David T. Greenberg

The Adventures of Humpty Dumpty, an 1877 chapbook

An alternate version of The Legend of Humpty Dumpty by Albert J. Portune

George W. B. Shannon. Humpty Dumpty: A Pictorial History. La Jolla, CA: The Green Tiger Press, 1980.

Gyles Bransreth. The Story of Humpty Dumpty. Illustrated by Sara Silcock. London, UK: Carousel Books, 1979.

Rodney Peppe. Humpty Dumpty. London, UK: Kestral Books, 1974.

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